Scratch Card Gift Card Terms & Conditions

Give your friends, colleagues, and loved ones the freedom of choice with the Sassora Gift Card. The gift card can be used only through our . Bring the spending experience to a whole new level with your Sassora Gift Card. No matter the occasion, we’ve got you covered.

Terms & Conditions:

Please find below our full terms and conditions for the Sassora Gift Card


  1. Sassora gift card is valid only through our website
  2. Once you are submitting your details using scan code ( link: ), You are agree to create account on , subscribe our Email subscription / sms subscription as per your given details.
  3. Our team will verify your given details and after successful verification, you will get your user account details on your given E-mail address and/or your mobile number.
  4. You will get coupon code Or Gift card code worth with percent off ( Upto INR 1000/-) which you can use only to purchase from
  5. Mail will be send with in 2 business day after your details submission. Our verified mail ID is
  6. If you are unable to find the mail, please visit your email spam folder.
  7. If you have any further questions about Sassora Gift Card please call our Customer Care team on +91-9836577444 or you can simply email us at